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Atlanta Public Library


Want to donate books for the book sale?

Friends appreciates your donated items!

Your donations are our life blood. It is through the sale of your donated items that Friends generates funds to support its programs.  We  sell these items at our local used book  sale April. The proceeds derived from these sales benefit the library and its programs.  And it doesn’t stop there! Our book sales give community members access to good books at bargain prices. We genuinely appreciate your donations and  sincerely thank all of you who donate and sustain our projects.

What type of Donations are accepted? 

Items in good condition, clean, dry and without mold





Video games

We especially appreciate receiving:

Classic books 

Children's books

Books on hobbies such as coin collecting etc.

What type of Donations CANNOT be accepted?

Readers Digest Condensed Books

Law case, Statute and Regulation Books

AAA Travel Guides except the present year


Literary Journals,


Books which are moldy or falling apart or without covers.

Text Books over 5 years old

We now accept only Britannicas and children’s encyclopedias.

We accept no encyclopedia year books. 

Please call the library (903 796-2112) for information on how to make donations.